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Our Need

Lacrosse is not a public school-sponsored sport, so participants must cover all expenses. Field rental costs and coaching salaries consume the majority of our budget.  Remaining funds are used for equipment, uniforms, league fees, and tournament fees. Scholarships may be provided to families who can’t afford to participate otherwise.

We are continually looking for opportunities to enrich the quality of our club and development of players, including recruiting events, coach education, and attracting experienced lacrosse staff to coach senior levels.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Liberty Lacrosse Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Financial support from  community businesses, corporations are integral to our success. Our sponsorship program offers a range of visibility through digital advertising and on-site recognition at Liberty Lacrosse Club events and distributed materials.

Has lacrosse made great impact on your or your family's lives? Consider giving back to help others enjoy the same rewarding experience.  If you give, we humbly request that you follow up with your employer regarding a company match for time or money given to Liberty Lacrosse.


Volunteers are behind the scenes for almost everything we do. They are core to our success as a community-based lacrosse club.  It is what makes us a Liberty Lacrosse Family.

Share your talent, interest, and commitment level. We can share opportunities for you to help out.

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