Liberty Lacrosse Club Service Area

Eligibility to play for Liberty Lacrosse if governed by league rules for the respective age groups.

Youth Lacrosse

High School

GELL, our youth league, requires that participants from grades 3-8 must reside within the Liberty High School feeder pattern.

Youth who attend a private school, but still reside in the LHS feeder pattern, are eligible to play provided that the private school does not have a youth lacrosse program.

Renton School District youth in Newcastle, Renton municipality, and Fairwood areas are welcome to play for Liberty Lacrosse as long as there is no RSD-affiliated lacrosse club.

Participation at high school level is governed by WHSBLA rules.  At a high school level, players must reside in the Liberty High School boundaries and must not attend a private school with an existing lacrosse program.  High School players must meet state academic eligibility requirements to join the team, and maintain eligibility through the season to participate.