Volunteers are behind the scenes for almost everything we do. They are core to our success as a community-based lacrosse club.  It is what makes us the Liberty Lacrosse Family.


Share your talent, interest, and commitment level and we can share opportunities for you to help out.


Can't commit in advance? Ask your coach, manager, or event coordinator how you can help them today.  A helpful hand is ALWAYS appreciated!



Athletics-related Opportunities:


  • Need: Individuals with positive, supporting mindsets to help grow our players ability and love for the game of lacrosse
  • Roles: Youth coaches, youth assistant coaches, trainers/passing partners, team managers (each team)


Gameday Support:

  • Need: Individuals to coordinate gameday events, so the coaches can focus on the players.
  • Roles: Scoring table (time keepers, scorekeepers, spotters), Field setup/teardown, sideline parent/team manager, announcer (High School), videographer, photographer


Field and Player Equipment:

  • Need: Lax-minded parents to coordinate, or assist, with fitting/distribution of loaner gear and/or purchase/maintenance of team gear.
  • Roles: Player/field equipment manager, assistants of same


Non-Athletics Related Opportunities:


  • Need: Keep families and players informed through news announcements, email, app messages, game day social blasts, handouts, flyers, etc
  • Roles: Team Managers (each team), Social media (FB/IG/Youtube), WordPress webpage editor, club registrar, graphics design (electronic and/or printed), photographer, video editor


Spirit Gear and Uniforms:

  • Need: Individuals with sense of flair to select/manage spirit gear.  Helpers to distribute uniforms to players.
  • Roles Spirit Gear Store setup/coordination, uniform/pinnie distribution and collection,



  • Needs: Finding, coordinating, and maintaining great relationships with our sponsoring businesses and families
  • Roles: Fundrasising Coordinator, assistants of the same

Social Events:

  • Needs: Preseason Parent Social, Photo day, All-Club Day, High School Travel Weekend, End of Season Parties
  • Roles: event planning manager(s), decor creation, auction item collection/bundling, setup/cleanup


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