Make a Donation

Has lacrosse made great impact on your or your family's lives? Consider giving back to help others enjoy the same rewarding experience.

If you are able to give, we humbly request that you follow up with your employer regarding a company match for time or money given to Liberty Lacrosse.  Liberty Lacrosse is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization eligible for matching gifts at most local employers.

Share your Gear

Kids grow fast!  If you intend to donate old gear or spirit wear as your player sizes up, please donate to us to support our loaner gear program.  Our gear program is completely supported by donations from our club's families, and must be continually replenished as the existing gear wears out.

We kindly ask you inspect gear before donating:

  • Gloves must be free of holes and tears.
  • Shoulder pads must be recent models featuring the NOSCAE/SEI ND200 shown in the equipment guide above.
  • Cleats must be free of holes and include insoles

Thank you for supporting the growth of our club and enjoyment of lacrosse!

Make a donation Now

Liberty Lacrosse is a self-funding organization, responsible for the cost of field rentals, coaching salaries, officiating fees, field equipment, and more.  We rely on help from fortunate families and supportive local businesses to keep our program growing.


If you would like to donate, select the Square button, or mail a check to:

Liberty Lacrosse Club

P.O. Box 1784

Issaquah, WA 98027

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