Stickwork is a fundamental part of a player’s development, and needs to be worked regularly at home so that practices can focus on team skill development. This includes scooping, cradling, throwing, and catching.

Liberty Lacrosse helps support stick skills several ways:

  1. Teams are doing a “Wall Ball Challenge” in the preseason.  Players are recording minutes spend practicing at home to win prizes.  Ask your player’s coach for more details.
  2. We have training videos online that can help you and your player work through some of these stick skills at home.  Check them out at
  3. Coaches continue to observe and correct players’ form throughout practices, especially in the first third of practices.  Ask your player what coach is having them emphasize.
  4. Coaches are available before and after practice to consult with you and your player about what they can work on.  Don’t be shy, come over the turf and say ‘hi’.